Hi I am 28 year old Harry, I grew up in and around the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire. With a keen sense of adventure and a growing love of the great outdoors, it was only a matter of time before the confines of England were not enough for me. In 2012 I set off on a journey of a lifetime ,with just a backpack and a camera I embarked on an adventure that would see me visiting some of the most unique and awe inspiring places the world has to offer. 

My travels stopped when I found the golden shores of Australia. After a multitude of  jobs I finally landed my first photography gig, a photographer for one of Australia's most prestigious surfing schools. This new job allowed me to thrive in an environment full of fun and adventure with weekly camping trips to the famous beautiful beaches of Australia. Here I learnt to perfect the skills and knowledge of photography and also cinematography, producing weekly videos of the the surf camp and its surroundings.

After living the dream for a few too many years it was time to head home and build for the future. Since returning home I have created an established studio from where I print and frame my work. I have also managed to build up a great wedding portfolio capturing some of the most unique weddings.